Happy Ishtar (Easter)! The sick, vile, disgusting pagan practices which lumbered us with 'Easter eggs'

Demonic 'Queen of Heaven' mother and baby idols dug up in Israel - remind you of anything? For praying to these and to the Baal (devil) idols, Israel was invaded by the cruellest nation - Assyria. Those not impaled were enslaved.

by Pat Franklin

Today in the little fellowship we attend in England, one of our elders gave a sermon which included the horrific origins of 'Easter eggs.'  Over the course of the year, young girls were chosen and when the spring feast came round, they were molested multiple times and impregnated in worship of the goddess Ishtar.   

By the time of the winter solstice in December nine months later, the babies were born.  The infants were offered as sacrifices to Ishtar and Baal.  The men who had molested them multiple times were given gifts of pork joints and eggs on a nest of grass.  They dipped the eggs in the blood of the slaughtered babies.*  That is the true origin of 'Easter eggs.'  I hate having to write this vile stuff, but I hate even more that it has been hidden from us for centuries and dressed up as something cute.

In a well-researched sermon, Chris Roden described the very gradual process by which the Christian church lost its original purity and adopted bits and pieces of the demonic feasts of the pagan world.

He said that in the early church, there were both Jews and gentiles, and those early Christians were horribly persecuted for 150 years.  In that time of great spiritual purity they all celebrated - not Easter and Christmas, but the seven Jewish  feasts set out in Leviticus 23.  These are:  Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles. 

As Chris and many other Christian leaders have pointed out: the seven feasts are prophetic.  The first three, in the spring, were fulfilled when the Lord Jesus came the first time to suffer for our sins.

  • Passover - Jesus is the Lamb of God, and those who have been cleansed with His holy Blood have gone from death to life
  • Unleavened Bread - Jesus was completely pure and holy. He had no 'leaven', which in the Bible is always a symbol of sin.
  • First Fruits - As the first fruits of the spring harvest were waved, the Lord Jesus rose from the dead, the first fruits of the Resurrection.

Then, fifty days after First Fruits, they celebrated:

  • Pentecost - the birthday of the church, when the Holy Spirit came on the 120 people in the upper room.  Two loaves of bread were waved before God, loaves baked with leaven.  These symbolise the church, made up of both Jews and gentiles, people who were marred by sin (leaven), but who found mercy.

The three remaining feasts are yet to be fulfilled:

  • Trumpets - the Rapture of the entire Church, when the dead in Christ rise first and true Christians alive at the time all meet the Lord Jesus in the air.
  • Day of Atonement - the Great Tribulation, lasting seven years, when most people on the earth will die horribly, as God judges the earth for its rejection of Jesus and its many terrible crimes. All the surviving Jews (only one-third will survive) will realize their mistake and accept Jesus as their Messiah, mourning and crying out for Him.  This is what He is waiting for, the repentence of the Jews, and that is what will bring Him back with all the armies of Heaven in the great Second Coming.
  • Tabernacles - At the end of the Tribulation, the Lord Jesus returns to wipe out all His enemies and restore the earth to His liking. He will rule it with a rod of iron for 1,000 years of peace and justice.

Chris Roden said that all those feasts were celebrated each year by the early church.  The relevant Scriptures were read out and all the Christians then, both Jews and gentiles, would have been aware of the prophetic significance of the Jewish feasts, and therefore the whole redemptive program of God.  But all this was lost when gentiles turned against the Jews and threw them out of the church.

This happened gradually as paganism invaded the church and pagan practices were adopted.  Chris said that in 230 A.D. Tertullian bewailed the fact that Christianity was adopting pagan feasts, which God considered spiritual fornication. 

Then when Constantine became emporer of Rome, in 324A.D. he declared Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire, so many unbelievers then called themselves Christians, having never been converted (born again) at all.  The two great pagan feasts remained:  the feast of Ishtar in the spring became Easter and the winter solstice in December became Christmas**.  So the pagan feasts were celebrated, and God's true feasts, the Jewish feasts, were forgotten.  

There was much more in the sermon, which can be obtained on CD from:


This is serious stuff, dear readers.  God hated the abominable practices of the pagans, and He is not happy that we have adopted their two main loathesome feasts and incorporated them into our 'liturgical calendar'.  He has His own calendar - the calendar of the Jewish feasts. You know, the ones we are now trying to get our heads round, and finding it difficult because our leaders over the centuries were anti-Semitic, and threw out the Jews and God's holy calendar too. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is certainly coming back soon, and the church is still celebrating with Easter eggs and Christmas trees*, not even realizing the pagan origins.  Is ignorance going to be a good excuse?   Now that you have read this, you are no longer ignorant.  Do we love our traditions more than we love Jesus? 

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* At first I thought the gifts of meat and 'Ishtar eggs' were given to the girls, but in fact they went to the monsters who had molested the girls.

** As for Christmas, it was the feast of Saturnalia (the god Saturn), when all in the Roman world brought an evergreen tree inside, decorated it, gave out presents, sent cards, put green wreaths on their doors, got drunk and ate too much.  The Reformers threw out Christmas, but 100  years later the Catholic Church managed to force it back upon us.  I loved being in Israel in December.  Crossing the street one day, I suddenly thought: 'Hey, isn't it Dec 25th?'  For the first time ever, we had escaped Christmas!

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