Is it OK to get rich by peddling the gospel? Actually, it makes me sick! by Pat Franklin

The prosperity preachers are probably divided into two kinds - those who have got rich on the gospel and those who would like to.  The successful ones would say they are living in the blessings.  They make me sick.

I hope no reader of this website is sending money to the TV megastars.  Let them pay their own bills!  They pay big bucks to be on TV all the time, but you don't have to fund them!  Let them go bankrupt or be put off the air.  Who cares? The sooner the better!

I hear about the so-called 'men (and women!) of God' who drive $100,000 cars and live in $2 million homes and fly around in their private jets.  It makes me so angry!  Especially when the audiences they plunder include many poor people.  The sheep are being fleeced, but there is a reckoning coming.

We have a chapter in our 'Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain' book about all this and the chapter title is:  'I Never Knew You...'  the words the Lord will speak to religious rascals.  They are adept at twisting the scriptures for their own profit.  As the apostle Peter put it in 2 Peter 2:3:  'Through covetousness they make merchandise of you...'  They exploit people's generosity and, dare I say, their gullibility. 

The fact that this scandalous state of affairs is happening in the world now is just one more indicator that we are living in the last days before the Lord comes back.  Peter's second epistle is a trumpet call of warning about all this. 

So ... be warned.  Instead, there are good guys out there you could help - the men of God who live in ordinary houses, drive ordinary cars, and work flat out for the Lord for little or no money.  I am thinking of people like Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Jacob Prasch, Ronnie McCracken, Tom McMahon of The Berean Call - they are the real deal and worthy of support.  They are on the front line. 

Your best defence is knowing the truth.  You will find it on discernment websites like Berean Call, Moriel, Let Us Reason and others. Alan adds: You can also find out a stack of facts by buying our book, Cults and Isms: True or False? It is the antidote to all the half-baked nonsense peddled in so many churches today, the "name it and claim it" gospel of greed and other anti-Christian concepts. 

So that whole churches can find out all the basics of false doctrines, and why they are the polar opposite of Biblical truth, we make boxes of 48 books available in Britain for £140, plus about £12 postage to your door. We can send boxes to America for around $280, shipped to your door, postage included.

To buy the books- any quantity - contact You can send us cheques (checks) in pounds or dollars. Individual books and other items to help in your scriptural discernment are available from our web shop. Please note: we do not make profits.

Our chapter on the Word of Faith movement in the Cults and Isms book should be required reading for all those misled by preachers who followed in the footsteps of Kenneth Hagin and similar shysters. It starts with a clear, easily understood Table of Truth, setting out what the Word of Faith movement teaches and what the Bible says in contradiction. This is part of the close of the chapter, written by Pat:

"As new Christians in the 1980s we soon came under the influence of Word of Faith false teachers.  We would like a refund, please, of all the money we foolishly sent to these wolves in sheep’s clothing.  We were gullible sheep and we got fleeced. 

"In the years (!) we were snared in all that, we learned virtually nothing about the Bible, although the preachers were constantly waving it around.   We really thank the Lord for getting us out of all that and directing us to the great teachers who teach the Bible from a solid scholarly basis.  We have learned so much from them; that is how we can write a book like this.

"The man who first opened our eyes at that time (and has continued to do so!) was Dave Hunt.  We were living in Britain, with no Christian radio to keep us informed, but we got Dave’s The Berean Call newsletter every month, and he thoroughly exposed the false teachers and their false doctrines.  It was a highlight of the month when the newsletter arrived.  It still comes out each month, consistently brilliant and full of truth.  You can read it online at or subscribe and have it sent to your home.  We cannot recommend this too highly. "






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