The Mayans - I'm glad they're extinct. Good riddance! by Pat Franklin

Having seen what the Mayans got up to, I am glad they are no longer with us.  In amongst all the hype about their calendar was a program about their temples and their sacrifices.

Children of about 8 or 9 were offered to their horrible 'gods' and some of the skulls and bones have been found at the bottom of their ancient wells.  One of the skulls shown revealed that some of their child victims were scalped.

And yet some deluded fools (Alan calls them 'dopey western tourists'), were on TV holding their hands up in worship at the Mayan sites, while natives in feathers pranced around.

The Mayans obviously had a demonic religion.  Just one look at the evil faces on their monuments would tell you that. 

My question is: are we any better?  We will kill more than 4,000 American babies today before they are even born.  The evil Mayans disappeared from the pages of history.  Why should God treat us any differently? 

And yet the most amazing thing in the universe is the grace of God - His great mercy and His willingness to forgive us and restore us.  This applies to all of us, whoever we are and whatever we have done.  We can lay all our sins at Jesus' feet and He will forgive us.  He died for sinners! 

Won't you do that today?  Just think, if today had been the 'end of the world' as some were foolishly predicting, it would be too late for you to get right with God; too late to ask Jesus to forgive you; too late to put your faith in Jesus, thereby gaining eternal life.

The world did not end today.  God is still willing to forgive you if you will turn to Him, repent of your sins and put your faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.  If you are reading this, and you do not personally know God, I believe that He is calling you now to do those things. 







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For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 6:23

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