'A cure for burns - plain old flour!' - but a Scottish hospital burns unit says flour can do harm! by Pat Franklin

A friend sent us an alleged cure for burns - plain old flour.  I have done a little research, read some pros and cons, and personally, for minor burns from cooking,  I am going to stick to cold water, followed by a first aid burns spray.  The cold water gives instant relief  and the first aid spray stops further pain.  


Some readers say that flour works, but the problem is that you then have the sticky, goopy flour sticking to burned skin!  Here is a warning about flour from the Burns Unit of Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Scotland : 


 "There is no agreed policywith regard to the initial treatment of burns. Owing to the urge to do something, however ill-advised, 75 per cent of civilian patients arrive at hospital with some kind of application to the burned area - olive oil, flour,coagulant jellies, cold tea, sodium bicarbonate, an 'ointment,' or flavine, etc. - often covered with a dirty, or at least a non-sterile, piece of cloth. 

Frequently pain has not been relieved by these applications - sometimes it has been increased: and the difficulty of removal of the semi-coagulated jelly, the oil or the caked flour, may well aggravate the original trauma suffered by the burned tissues, thereby favouring the development of shock. First-aid remedies of this kind, especially if applied, as they usually are, without aseptic precautions, may well do much more harm than good.  


Read the whole article on burns at this weblink: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1035574/pdf/brjindmed00270-0019.pdf   


Pat concludes:  My husband Alan and I are both journalists and run this website to try to tell the truth about a lot of things, which most of the media is not doing.  We don't know if the flour cure works or not,  but there are many things we DO know about and we try to keep our readers informed.  If anyone is reading our website for the first time, please go to our home page and scroll down it for lots of articles which will tell you things the mainstream media avoids.  For more articles you mostly won't get elsewhere, try our search engine, top right.

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Feel free to print these articles out, send them around or do whatever you can to help people become informed.  They are copyright to us, but you can use them for non-commercial purposes.  We just want people to know the truth.  The Lord Jesus said the truth would set us free, and lots of people need to be set free! 

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