'Thank God for rich people!' - comment from a construction worker in the USA

by Pat Franklin

Obama, like all Socialists, wants to soak the rich, tax them to the hilt.  He could start with himself and all former presidents.  But, like all lefties, it is other people he wants to tax, not himself. 

We met a construction worker at the Southwest Radio Church East Coast Prophecy Conference.  He had taken time off from his job of building a mega house* for a businessman.  His comment was:  'Thank God for rich people!'  Otherwise there would be no construction work, or very little, in his area.

The Socialists would have everything off everyone ultimately, and then be generous enough to let some of us have a little bit back. Maybe.  Like the revolutionaries who got popular support because they were going to redistribute wealth.  'Oh good,' said a poor man, who had only a pig.  'Yes, we are redistributing all the wealth, so we will take that pig.'  Oh.  

Actually, the rich spend lots of money.  They build, they buy, they hire people who need jobs.  Don't envy them, folks.  God will deal with them, and the thing is --  money itself is not bad.  It is the LOVE of money which is the root of all evil.

In France the rich are being well and truly soaked, with a 75 percent tax.  So what happens?  They are fleeing to London and buying the prestige properties there, keeping British house prices pumped up.  One sqaure yard of property in London's Westminster area costs over $1000.  Deep breath.  Yes, really.  French wealth is coming to England.  Also Russian wealth and Middle Eastern wealth.  It is pouring into London, because people like living in nice places where the governments do not try to take away everything they have.  And when they bring their money in, it does trickle down to ordinary people.

The good news is - the Lord Jesus really is coming back, and He will set up His 1,000 year reign in which there will be a very different economy indeed.  'Come buy, without money.'  That is just one aspect of the world economy that is coming.  No money at all!  Everybody will have plenty of everything. 

So don't waste your energy envying the rich, and please don't vote for Socialists who want to rob not only the rich, but everybody of everything.

* The mega house is...underground.  That businessman must be a 'prepper' as no one in their right mind would choose to live underground.  If you really want to 'prep' yourself for all the coming disasters, there is only one way to do it, and that is to put your total faith and trust in Jesus Christ who died for you.  But His sacrifice will do you no good at all unless you repent of your sins, ask his forgiveness and then just trust in Him.  He knows all that is wrong now and all that is coming down the pike, and none of it is good.  Time to get squared up with God today, folks, if you're not already. 




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