A young man told us that some Jehovah’s Witnesses had been telling him that they knew the real name of God. Silent scream. How dare they! God has many names and has revealed the ones He wants us to know in the Bible.

by Pat Franklin

A young man came up to us at a meeting and said some Jehovah’s Witnesses had been talking to him, claiming that they knew the real name of God. How dare they!  God has many names and has revealed the ones He wants us to know in the Bible. 

For a start, we told the young man, the JW’s made false prophecies about the end of the world, none of which were accurate, so why would anyone want to listen to a single word they said about anything else? Their doomsday dates came and went, and the world rolled on.  You would think that would put paid to the JWs, but they too rolled on, and are still deceiving and being deceived. 

We are going through the names of God in our Sunday School at the church we attend in England, and the JWs do NOT have an exclusive bit of insider information on this!

We started with the first name God gave us in the Bible, in Genesis chapter 1 – Elohim, Creator and Judge.  He made all things and He alone is the Judge. 

Then we went on to Yahweh, or Jehovah.  That is where the JWs were sowing confusion.  Yes, no one knows how it is pronounced because Hebrew has no vowels, just consonants. It is just four letters in Hebrew, YHVH.  Whether it is pronounced Yahweh or Jehovah is completely irrelevant!  God is not bothered!  If He was, He would have given us the vowels! 

The meaning of the name is what is important.  It means ‘I AM’.  God IS!   Fools say ‘There is no God,’ but God says differently!   His  very name tells us that He is, He exists; He is the pre-existing One.

Not only that, but He has many characteristics, which the Lord Jesus has revealed.  More names for our wonderful, merciful and loving God. 

  • I AM… the Light of the World
  • I AM…the Bread of Life
  • I AM…the Good Shepherd
  • I AM…the Way, the Truth and the Life
  • I AM…the Resurrection and the Life

Don’t you just love Him?  Who could fail to love our faithful and kindly Good Shepherd, our loving Heavenly Father, our mighty King of kings, our great Lord of lords? 

Who could dare to assert that only they knew His ‘real name’.  How ridiculous.  

This month in Sunday School we are looking at another of His majestic names…El Shaddai, God Almighty.  

Do you know Him, dear reader?  Do you want to know Him, Almighty God, as your Father?  If you don’t get to know Him as your Father now, you will certainly meet Him one awful day, as your Judge. 

I, who do not deserve to know Him at all, am so glad to know Him as my heavenly Father.   You can too.  Jesus said that whoever comes to Him, He will NEVER turn them away.  And no one will snatch them out of His hand.

You have this window of opportunity if you want to know God.  The way to Him is through His Son, Jesus.  Jesus said that no one gets to the Father, except through Him.  You can ask Jesus today to be your Lord.  

A good prayer:  ‘Lord Jesus, please make me one of Your people.’

 He will do that for you.  That is all He is waiting for.  He will forgive you, cleanse you, change you, and give you a whole new life.  That is what He is all about.  Won’t you turn to Him today and open your heart to Him?

 * If the JWs really want to get something right, they could start with Jesus, who is God.  Jesus is God.  That's easy enough.  There are plenty of proofs in the Bible.  They deny that He is God, so they are wrong about everything.  Their Bible, the New World version, translated by people who knew neither Hebrew nor Greek, says Jesus is 'a god', as if He is some lesser being.   Sorry!  Wrong again!  Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, worshipped by angels in Heaven.  Only God is to be worshipped, and Jesus is worshipped.  He is definitely God.  No argument.


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