France is spitting in God's eye

by Pat Franklin

I am no prophet, but I would not be surprised if something really bad happens soon to France.  Why?  Because France has announced the sale of 100 anti-tank missiles to Lebanon.*   

My advice to Frenchmen is:  batten down the hatches.  God is not happy with your government.  He tells us in the Bible that we will be blessed if we bless the Jews, and we will be cursed if we curse the Jews.  (Genesis 12:3) 

I would say that supplying 100 powerful rockets to a major enemy of the Jewish people is a pretty big curse on the Jews, and God will see to it that His word stands.  Look out, France.  I have no idea what form it will take – a terrible storm, devastating floods, muslims acting up yet again, whatever – but vengeance belongs to God, and the Jews are His special people.



The Bible also warns that 'he who touches you (the Jewish people) touches the apple of God's eye.'  (Zechariah 2:8)  The French are spitting in God's eye.


I like to think that maybe France is putting some boomerang electronics in, so that the missiles turn around in mid-air and return to destroy whoever shot them, but somehow I doubt that they would do that.  That is what a really smart government would do. You can read the story for yourself in the Jerusalem Post link below.


* The fact that God judges countries (particularly the United States) that act against Israel has been documented by John McTernan

The most conspicuous judgement was Hurricane Katrina.  It hit after America had forced Israel to pull 10,000 Israelis out of their section of Gaza.  OK, we make 10,000 Israelis homeless, so we get at least 10,000 homeless in New Orleans.  When will we ever learn?


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