'Leeks and cream cure' for dermatitis, apple cider and honey for arthritis

I have been reading through some old books on health, and want to pass the information on in case some of our readers might benefit. I believe the Lord has put all we need on this earth, even in its fallen state.

In  a book called 'In the Country' by Kenneth Allsop (Coronet Books, Hodder and Stoughton 1975), Allsop mentions that he was troubled by a patch of dermatitis on one hand which did not respond to treatment.  He lived in a rural area of Dorset, and eventually tried an old country remedy, which worked beautifully.  It is simply to mash up a bit of leek, that wonderful vegetable, with some dairy cream and smear it on the skin.    You could make a preparation of this and keep it in a teacup in the fridge for several days while you try it out.   Worth a try! 

Several of the old books sing the praises of cider vinegar and honey for general good health of bones and joints, for preventing arthritis and helping the body cope with it if it is already there.  Some of the books even claim it as a cure. The recommended amount varies, but the average is about two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two of honey in a cup of water.  Get organic if possible.  We have started drinking this in the morning before breakfast and we use unboiled honey.  Some books recommend twice a day, but we haven't worked up to that yet.

In 'Arthritis and Folk Medicine' by Dr D.C. Jarvis, M.D. (Pan Books 1960), the author, a Vermont doctor, says that while his medical training helped him cure bacteriological ills, there were many ailments which modern medicine could not help, and he began his study of Vermont folk medicine used among farming families.  He is one of the 'cider vinegar and honey' fans, but I've just started his book, which is quite dense, so if there are any other nuggets of wisdom, I will post them on this Journal feature of our website as I come across them.

Hopefully, our readers are already eating right and have thrown out any white bread and white sugar.  Banned!  If you only make one change in your diet, please change from white to wholemeal bread (not brown, which is still partly white).  One lady did this and said she felt the benefit very soon in her general health.  In England where we live, my current  bread is the Tesco Wholemeal Farmhouse Batch, but even that is not ideal. It is not organic, and it does not have extra seeds. 

But it is good, and there is a little Tesco near our house, so it is very convenient.  I can't find the ideal bread, which would be organic, wholemeal, stoneground, and with extra seeds.  If you look at the list of ingredients on your loaf of bread, the first item should be 'wholemeal flour'.  If it says 'wheat flour' it means white flour, with the fibre and the goodness mostly removed.

Our bodies can only use what we put into them.  With a junky diet of white bread and white sugar etc, no wonder so many people get sick.  If you are a Christian, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and you should take good care of it.  OK, we all like sweet things, but you can make your own, using molasses, maple syrup or raw sugar.  Here I must admit to being a hypocrite, because I  don't always have time to do any baking, and end up eating the wrong sort of sweet things...


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1 Timothy 4:1-3

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