The Catholic priest asked the boy: 'What is that book you're reading?' 'The Bible.' The priest took it and put it on the fire.

This is a true story.  In wartime London, most of the children were evacuated because of the German bombers.  They were sent to towns and villages all over England, and most were handed over to local families to be looked after until the end of the war.

A boy*  from a Christian family somehow ended up in a Catholic school.  One day, as the class was studying catechism (Catholic religion), the boy started reading his Bible.  The priest noticed and said: 'What is that book you are reading?'  'The Bible.'  'Give it here,' said the priest.  He opened the door of the stove used to heat the classroom, and put the Bible on the fire.

Now the Catholic Church pretends that it reveres the Bible, but it never has and it never will, because reading the Bible is an eye opener.  It reveals the truth to those with ears to hear.  It was reading the Bible which brought me (Pat) to real faith in Jesus, and also brought me out of the Catholic Church.

Several years ago we attended a Grace Baptist church in England for a time, and one week they announced a fund raising event for a certain Bible charity.  My daughter and I looked at each other and decided to go.  We like country walking, and we love the Bible, so why not?  We went on the walk and I pledged some money.

At the end of the walk a table was set up with pamphlets about the Bible charity. I was shocked to be handed one...with a picture of the Pope on the front. 

No mention of  the Christians burned alive by the Catholic Church (and also the Church of England) - tortured and brutally murdered because of their faith in the Bible and its true teaching.  There was the picture of the Pope, as though the church was a big supporter of the Bible!

I was just flabbergasted.  That was the first and last money that charity ever had from me.  Later we also left the Grace Baptist church**.

Just a few little stories, true stories.  They are indicators of the times we live in, the end times, the times of which Jesus warned:  'Take heed that no  man deceive you...'  Many are being deceived today.  That is why we run this website, to share the things we have learned and to warn people.

  For the lowdown on catholicism, please read our Table of Truth:  the Catholic Church versus the Bible, which is on this page, top left.  As with everything I (Pat) write, it is copyright, but you are free to print it out, send it round, share it with anyone you feel may be open to considering these important things.  Please do! 

It is possible for Catholics to be saved and come out of that false religion.  I did!  My three sisters, all raised Catholic, also love the Bible and go to good churches now. 

As for the false church of Rome, her days are numbered.  The Book of Revelation, Chapter 17, tells of her fate. The church of Rome will be the leader of the worldwide ecumenical church, described as a 'whore' in that chapter.  This is in contrast to the true church, the holy Bride of Christ. 

The whore church is symbolized as a horrible woman sitting on an equally horrible beast.  The beast is the one world government which is coming, ruled by the Antichrist.  The woman will for a time ride that beast, but the beast will hate the woman, and will turn on her and destroy her. 

Chapter 17 is probably one reason the Catholic Church has always hated the Bible. 

Alan has a chapter in our book 'Cults and Isms: True or False?' about the Catholic Church. He calls it:  'The Church That Banned the Bible.' I think that says it all.  Our 'Table of Truth: the Roman Catholic Church versus the Bible' is also a chapter in that book.  For my article on 'Why I Left the Catholic Church' go to Pat's Page (top left on the home page). 

The basic trouble with the Catholic Church is that they worship 'another Jesus' and have 'another gospel', a 'different gospel' which will not save anyone.  Paul warns about this sort of thing in his letter to the Galatians. 

The phony Catholic Jesus has to be sacrificed again and again.  But the real Jesus was sacrificed once and for all at Calvary, and the letter to the Hebrews, Chapters 9 and 10, repeats this several times.  So the Catholic 'sacrifice of the mass' itself is extremely offensive to God, because there is no more sacrifice! 

All you have to do to be saved is to believe in Jesus' one sufficient sacrifice, His death, burial and resurrection.  That is all there is to it.  If you keep offering up additional sacrifices of masses, Jesus' great sacrifice will avail you nothing, nothing.  You cannot add to what He has done.

Also, the Catholic Council of Trent (Canon 9) condemns to Hell anyone who says that they are saved by faith in Christ alone.  But the whole message of the Bible is that we are saved by faith in Christ alone (Ephesians 2:8). Here is an article we did about that:

Paul warns also of 'another Jesus...a different spirit...a different gospel' in 2 Corinthians 11:4. Verse 3 of that same chapter says:  'I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.'  The Catholic Church has done just that - by craftiness led people astray into thinking they have to stay in the Catholic Church, the 'one, true church' as we were taught in Catholic school.


*That boy, now in his 80s, never lost his faith, and never forgot that incident.  We met him; he came to hear Alan speak at a meeting in Britain.

**  We later learned that the Grace Baptists (one branch of the Baptists) are 'amillennial' - they do not accept that there will be a 1,000 year millennial reign of Jesus Christ on the earth after His Second Coming.  Oh.  Well then, rip out Chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation, because in it God mentions the 1,000 year period six times!   I guess He must mean 1,000 years!  As a parent, if I told my kids something six times, I expected them to get the message!

For a full treatment of the Catholic issue, Dave Hunt has the definitive book:  'A Woman Rides the Beast'.  You will not find it at any Christian bookstore we ever came across.  They won't have any of his excellent books.  You will have to order a copy.  They don't stock our books either, by the way. 

Only on the web and on Christian radio in America can any of this truth get out into the world.  The door is firmly shut throughout Europe and the Christian radio door in America is almost shut as regards Catholicism, and we expect the web will follow suit at some stage. 

That is why you should get books, download articles, get hard copies of anything you might need.  This website and others like it will one day be gone, so get what you need now!

I hesitated to put on the item about the Bible charity, because there are, hopefully, some good Bible charities out there, and I would hate to stop anyone supporting them!

Try to find out who is running a charity or a church before you part with any money - what they believe about Israel, about Bible prophecy etc.  Email and ask them!  For example:  'I am thinking of becoming a supporter.  Can you please answer a few questions for me first?'  Here are some suggested questions:

'What is your policy on Israel and the Jews?'  'What is your stance on ecumenism?'  'Do you accept the virgin birth?' 'Do you believe Jesus literally rose from the dead?' 'Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God?'  'How much does your chief executive, pastor, leader etc get paid?'  How much does his or her assistant get paid?'  'What is your advertising budget?'  'Are you a Freemason?'   You might be surprised at their answers!   


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