Dear Mormons, Jesus said there is no marriage in Heaven! Why do you insist on celestial marriage in total defiance of what Jesus clearly taught?

Recently we have met various Mormons, sincere people who believe in Jesus Christ and want to please God.  But they are in the wrong church and it does NOT please God at all!

The Mormon religion teaches that if your marriage is blessed in the Mormon temple, it is a celestial marriage and you get your own planet to populate.  Please.  Nothing whatsoever like this in the Bible!  In fact the Lord Jesus Himself said:  'No marriage in Heaven!'  He knew that one day the Mormon church would be set up preaching a false gospel, and He very deliberately put the truth right there in the gospel of Matthew, Chapter 22.  Please read.

If that is not enough for you, please get the DVD:  DNA versus the Book of Mormon.  In it, Mormon scientists set out to prove that the Book of Mormon was true.  The Book of Mormon is an account of a Jewish family which supposedly left Israel and sailed to the Americas.  Their descendents supposedly became the Indians of north, central and south America.  A fairy story, I'm afraid.

The Mormon scientists came to this conclusion after testing 150 Indian tribes for Jewish DNA.  Sorry, folks, not one trace of Jewish genes in any Indian DNA.  Collapse of Book of Mormon.  The Mormon scientists who did the testing had hoped to prove the Book of Mormon true, but realized that their research had proved the exact opposite.  Some of them left the Mormon church. 

It is a hard church to leave.  You might lose your family, your job, your business.  But there is such a thing as truth, and the Lord will help you through if you come out of a false religion.

If you are a Mormon and you have just read this article, you need to think hard.  Your eternal destiny is at stake.  You now know that your church is false.

A good prayer:  'Lord Jesus, I  believe in You.  I want to please You.  I want to worship You.  I do not want to be deceived by false prophets and false teachers.  Please give me understanding of what is really true about the Mormon church and help me understand what real Christianity is. Please help me find good teachers and help me understand the Bible.  Please give me the courage to do what pleases You, even if it costs me all I have.'

We have a chapter 'Mormon Church versus the Bible' in our book  'Cults and Isms: True or False?' available from our webshop.

Paul warns of 'another gospel' in chapter one of Galatians, and in verse 9 he puts a curse on anyone who preaches such a gospel.  2 Corinthians 11:4 warns of 'another Jesus', people  receiving 'a different spirit', not the Holy Spirit, from believing 'a different gospel'.

 Dear Mormons, you have heard the preaching of another gospel and a different Jesus.  You have received a different spirit.  There is still time to repent and turn from all this and put your trust in the true, biblical Jesus, the real historical Jesus.  Once you die, or He comes back, it will be too late to receive Him.  You have to do it now, regardless of cost. 


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John 15:5,6

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