Talking doll says 'Islam is the light' - and now a video game has the same hidden message

A concerned mother has had to throw out two toys - a talking doll and a video game, both of which contain the same message:  'Islam is the light.'


Click on one of the following links and listen for yourself.  If they do not work, go to Google and type in 'Islam is the light' and follow one of their links.  What can you do?  Pass this information on to your pastor, your senator, your representatives etc. 




If you live in the UK, please forward these links to your Member of Parliament or MEP - Member of the European Parliament.  And if you live in any other country, forward to your political leaders.  They must be made aware of the tactics being used by Islamics. 

Also, please click on our Table of Truth: Islam versus the Bible, which is on our home page just above the 'Alan and Pat's Journal'.  It will give you a quick guide to what the Koran teaches, comparing major differences with what the Bible says.  You can print it out and freely distribute it while there is still the freedom to do so.  Also, send it to your pastor, political leaders etc.  People must know these critical things!


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Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. (This refers to the coming one world church.)
Revelation 18:4

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