Dear Catholics, The 'Queen of Heaven' is a pagan idol according to the Catholic Jerusalem Bible

Ishtar idols dug up in Israel, identical to statues of 'Mary and Jesus'

Dear Catholics, did you know that ‘Queen of Heaven’ is the title of a pagan goddess, a demonic being ?   Mary is not ‘Queen of Heaven’, because there is no such title.  Heaven has no queen.  Even the Catholic Jerusalem Bible says: ‘The Queen of Heaven is Ishtar, the Assyrian goddess of fertility.’*



In the Catholic churches I attended the ‘Queen of Heaven’ was referred to, in Latin, as ‘Regina Caeli’.   We sang to her, we knelt at her statue, we brought flowers to it, we lit candles in front of it.  We were never told and never suspected that the ‘Queen of Heaven’ was in fact a pagan demonic title. 



The Bible tells about the ‘Queen of Heaven’ in the book of Jeremiah.  ‘The children collect the wood, the fathers light the fire, the women knead the dough, to make cakes for the Queen of Heaven; and, to spite me, they pour libations to alien gods.’  (Jeremiah chapter 7:18-20) 



Jeremiah was a prophet in ancient Israel, sometimes remembered as the ‘prophet of the broken heart’, because he was broken-hearted over the way his people had forsaken God and venerated statues (idols) instead.  Remember, Israel had split into two parts – the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah, where Jerusalem is.  Both kingdoms had fallen away from faith in the true God, and both kingdoms loved their statues and rituals and were riddled with idol worship. 



 God sent prophets to Israel in the north and also to Judah in the south, but the people loved their statues and rituals more than they loved the true God.  After many, many warnings, and God pleading with them through His prophets, the northern kingdom of Israel was finally punished when the cruel Assyrians invaded.  Most Israelites were either killed or enslaved.  Most had their tongues cut out.  Survivors were chained together, with hooks inserted in their jaws, and forced to walk to Assyria (modern day Syria and Iraq), where they were used as slaves.  Their towns and villages were demolished, and the ‘Queen of Heaven’ and Baal statues they worshiped were buried beneath the rubble. These idols are often dug up by modern archaeologists. 



The southern kingdom of Judah was also guilty and was also later invaded and conquered.   The Jews there were exiled to Babylon (in modern Iraq). 



Both kingdoms had worshiped the 'Queen of Heaven' or Ishtar.  To apply the idolatrous title ‘Queen of Heaven’ to Mary, the mother of Jesus, is no doubt done by many Catholics in ignorance, but ignorance is no excuse!  God hates idolatry!  He will not share His glory with another!  Not even with Jesus' earthly mother.Nor would she want Him to!  I think Mary was probably the most wonderful woman who ever lived, but she is NOT to be worshipped, and not to be prayed to, and not to be knelt down to and certainly not to be called by the idolatrous title ‘Queen of Heaven’. 



I saw some of the statues of Ishtar at a museum in Israel.  They are identical to statues of Mary and Jesus.  Wake up, Catholics!  Stop worshiping (venerating) statues.  Satan has tricked you into venerating things made by men instead of worshiping only the true God in spirit and truth.  Stop venerating things made by people!  They are just junk!   Things are not holy; only people can be holy, but not if they think a statue is something to be venerated.  If you have any ‘holy’ statues of the ‘Queen of Heaven’ idol or any other abomination, get a hammer and smash those idols to dust!   And ask God to forgive you for worshiping the wrong things.  And please!  Come out of Rome, get into a good church and start serving the Lord instead of propping up a false, idolatrous church.




* The mask is taken off the ‘Queen of Heaven’ on Page 1265 of the Jerusalem Bible in footnote number 7e.  My question is this:  if the compilers of the Jerusalem Catholic Bible knew that the Queen of Heaven was in fact Ishtar, why did they not tell the Pope and all of them leave the Catholic Church because of this major error?  Why did they not make sure every Catholic knew this, instead of hiding it away in an obscure footnote.  Maybe I am the only person in the world to have read that footnote.  The Catholics do not read the Bible anyway, let alone the footnotes.



More info on the Catholic Church and its many heresies are in our Table of Truth on the home page, top left.  Click on it to open it and feel free to copy and pass around.  We hope more Catholics will learn the truth before it is too late for them to be of any service to the Lord. We have chapters on the evils of Catholicism and other false religions in our books, available in our web shop on this page.



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