A sixth 'extinction event'? No, there was only one - the Flood of Noah

by Pat Franklin

So. Science is investigating a sixth  ‘mass extinction event’.  They  had claimed that there were five ‘events’ over 450 million years during which over 95 percent of the world’s species  disappeared, and now they might add a sixth  Well, if only these scientists would turn to God and believe His holy Word, the Bible, they would soon realize that there was only one such event, and it was mega – the catastrophic, worldwide Flood of Noah.  And they would learn that even more stupendous ‘events’ are in the pipeline now.

What a wonderful book the Bible is.  What a merciful, loving heavenly Father we have.  He did not have to reveal so much to us, but He did!  He did not have to give us such a wealth of information, telling us how He created the universe (by speaking it into existence).  He did not have to reveal how He destroyed the world of Noah’s day, which had become irretrievably corrupted.  He did not have to give His only begotten, beloved Son, our Lord  Jesus Christ, to be a sacrifice for the sins of all who put their faith in Him.

And He certainly did not have to lay out for us the marvellous End Time sequence of events, the threshold of which we now stand upon.




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Revelation 14:9-11

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