Christian parents jailed in Germany

Christian parents have been jailed in Germany for keeping their children away from school sex education programs.

Ten parents were jailed  after keeping their children from  the programs, which used ‘interactive play’.   The German school system has made it mandatory for nine and ten-year-olds to join in the programs.

The parents thought that under international and German law they had a right to keep their children out of those classes and teach their children Christian ideals of marriage, sex and chastity.

One mother was still in jail as of March 9, 2011. A group called the Alliance Defence Fund (ADF) has filed an emergency order to the European Courts of Human Rights calling for her immediate release.  Their attorney, Roger Kiska, says:   "The German government, for some reason, believes that they're better placed than the children's own parents to raise them and instill their own values -- [but] that's not what the law says and that's not the way it should be."

The parents were fined the equivalent of $1,300.   The mainstream media in Britain (where we live) has, true to form, been as silent as the grave on this issue.  Publishing the information is left to courageous web news outlets like OneNewsNow, where it was exposed by reporter Bill Bumpas, and you will find his story on this link 


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