So the Catholic Church has declared that two popes are now ‘saints’. You couldn’t make it up! Why do they not know that saints are not dead people, but living believers in the Lord Jesus?

by Pat Franklin

So the Catholic Church has declared that two popes are now ‘saints’.  You couldn’t make it up!  Why do they not know that saints are not dead people, but living believers in the Lord Jesus?  As the Bible clearly shows:  ‘To the saints at Ephesus; to the saints at Corinth; to the saints at Rome’  etc.  Please read the Bible!

 Deep sigh.  How tedious it is be reminded yet again that the Roman Catholic Church is wrong on so many things.  Now we have two ‘popes’ (and when did the Lord Jesus ever tell us to elect a ‘pope’?) who are declared ‘saints’. 

 As we set out in our book ‘Cults and Isms’, in the chapter on Catholicism, ‘saints’ are simply living  believers in the Lord Jesus.  Paul’s epistles (letters) to the various churches start with greetings like:  ‘To the saints which are at Ephesus…’; ‘to all the saints…at Phillippi’; ‘…to the saints…at Colosse’.

 In his letter to the church at Rome, Paul tells them that a lady named Phoebe is on her way to them.  He asks that they ‘receive her in the Lord, as becometh saints…’ 

 They were all living believers.  ‘Saints’ means that they were sanctified (set apart) by God, set aside for His use to glorify Him, and share the gospel with other people.  They were not dead yet, and they did not have to work any miracles to be accepted as ‘saints’. 

 Oh please, please, dear Catholics – get a Bible, even a Catholic Bible!  And read it!  I did, the first year after coming to faith in the Lord Jesus, in 1981 – I bought a Jerusalem Bible and read it that year.  Before the year was out, I left the Catholic Church, having seen in their own Bible (!) some of the many things which they get wrong.

 It is so liberating to know the truth.  Please feel free to copy and give out our ‘Table of Truth:  Catholic Church versus the Bible’, which is top left on our home page.  

Question:  why is there such a disinclination to pick up and read the Bible?  Why is it so looked down on in the Catholic Church (as a cradle ex- Catholic I know it is)?  Why did the Catholic Church burn alive people who tried to have the Bible translated into common languages?    


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