Does Richard Dawkins really exist? We’ve never seen him, just some pictures and videos, which could have been faked.

Does Richard Dawkins really exist?  We’ve never seen him, just some pictures and videos, which could have been faked - a brilliant article from CMI


CMI (Creation Ministries International)has a brilliant article ‘Do you believe Richard Dawkins exists?’ by Ellen Barrington exposing the ridiculous arguments of atheists. To read it click on this link


 CMI is a ministry run by scientists who believe that the Bible is God's book and their particular ministry is showing how true science agrees with the Bible.  This means that the first book of the Bible, Genesis, is literally true and that the earth is young, not millions of years old, but about 6,000 years old.  They also find masses of evidence in the world around us that the Flood of Noah was a real event - a catastrophic, worldwide, year-long judgement of God on a wicked world.  


 And they thoroughly and conclusively disprove the erroneous theory of evolution, a theory which actually contradicts true science.


You can get their marvellous magazine, 'Creation', written mainly by Phds, and you can get their free email 'infobytes' by going to the link above, scrolling to the bottom of the article and clicking on the relevant bit.  We hope all our readers will sign up to their 'infobytes' which give so much clear information to help refute the lie of evolution.  And, if you can afford it, you could subscribe to 'Creation' magazine and get an extra subscription to give away. (By the way, in case anyone is wondering, we have no tie-up at all with 'Creation' magazine - we just think it is the best magazine in the world, and would like everybody to get it!)  


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