Aren't you glad it's nearly over? by Pat Franklin

'The slow motion train wreck continues...'  This was Alan's comment at the end of a financial news program today.  We're nearly there, folks, or should I say He (the Lord Jesus) is nearly here!

We really are coming up to that time so clearly forecast in the Bible, the prophecies of the end times, many of them penned about 2,500 years ago.  How astonishing that we should live now, to see it all coming together.

How humbling that we should be among what is almost certainly the last generation of this dispensation.   How cheering that we actually have a real chance of being among the generation that does not have to die, but will go up to meet the Lord Jesus in the air!  I could have continued putting a whole line of exclamation points after that last sentence, because it will be the most amazing, wonderful event ever to happen in all of human history.

No, I have not lost my marbles.  It really will happen. It is in the Bible, 1 Thes 4:16-18 and 1 Cor 15:51.  It even happened twice in the past: Enoch was 'taken up' and Elijah went up in a whirlwind in the sight of Elisha.  And of course the Lord Himself went up, from the Mount of Olives, in the presence of many eyewitnesses.  And we, if we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, will also go up together to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with Him.

So, as all the bad news on earth mounts up and evil men plot one world government, do not be alarmed or depressed.  God has warned us of everything beforehand, and the Lord told us to look up, because our redemption is on the way.  God is very punctual! He is never late.  But He is never early either! 

One thing to remember : don't lose your first love.  The church in Ephesus, who had the best teachers in all of church history, like the apostle John and Paul, was rebuked by Jesus in His letters to the churches in the Book of Revelation.  That 1st century church, so great in some ways, had lost the plot!  They had lost their first love, the warm affection and longing for Jesus Himself, which they had when they first believed. 

Spend some time with Jesus today. Tell Him you love Him.  Thank Him with all your heart for the blessings He has heaped upon you.  What blessings?  You're breathing, aren't you? 

You could not take one more breath if He did not allow it.  You're reading this, aren't you?  Who do you think made your eyes?  You are still alive and have a chance to accept Jesus as your Savior and be saved from a horrible eternity in Hell.  This is your chance to accept Jesus today if you have never done so.

Here is a good prayer:  Lord Jesus, I have tried to be a good person, but I have failed in a whole lot of ways. I have broken some of Your commandments (lying, stealing, lusting after someone in your heart, using the name of God in vain, giving honor to statues or 'holy' pictures etc). Please forgive me.  I have offended You.  Please wash me clean and make me one of Your people.


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