What really killed the dinosaurs - the one fact they NEVER mention on the documentaries! by Pat Franklin

Two dinosaur fossils, heads thrown back in 'dead dino posture.' These two animals were said to have lived 500,000 years apart. I don't think so! Anyway, they both died in agony and both were buried in a flood.

Some dino fossils, heads thrown back in 'dead dino posture'

Fossils testify to what really killed off the dinosaurs - the Flood of Noah described in Genesis, the first book of the Bible

Did you know that when dinosaur fossils are found, they are often in positions of extreme agony? Their heads are thrown right back, and it is so common that it is known as the 'dead dino posture.'

This came as news to me, even though I had watched many dinosaur documentaries.  I happened across it in Immanuel Velikovsky's book 'Earth in Upheaval' - just a mention of it.  It was a bombshell to me, because none of the documentaries had mentioned this amazing fact.

Then I happened to see yet another documentary which showed sites of multiple dinosaur fossils, where dozens of dinos had died in the same location.  The positions of the fossils were marked out on the land, and some if not all were in that terrible posture of creatures in agonising death throes. 

I could clearly see this on the TV, but it was never mentioned in the program!   There they all were, with their spines in some cases bent nearly double, heads thrown back, mouths wide open.  Animals do not die in this position normally.  Why would they ignore this most fascinating feature? 

And not only did the dinosaur herds die in that posture, but they were all buried in sediments which preserved their bones as fossils -  entire herds of dozens of huge animals.  All dying in agony, all preserved as fossils, which meant there was rapid burial in wet sediment.

I looked up Creation Ministries to see if they had ever looked into all this, and they did not disappoint me!  Thank God for Creation magazine, that bastion of truth!  There is an article in their archives, 'Death Throes' by David Catchpole which explains a lot. Here is the link to it:


As I suspected, the dinos died of asphyxiation in Noah's Flood.  Their heads were thrown back as the huge critters struggled for one last breath.  Only the animals in the Ark survived that terrible worldwide deluge. 

Isn't it interesting that such facts as the 'dead dino posture' are kept from us, despite the plethora of dinosaur programs?  An inconvenient fact, preserved in fossil form round the world.  Time to wake up, folks!  The Flood was literal history.  The fossils attest to it. 


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'Behold, I, even I am bringing the flood of water upon the earth, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life from under heaven; everything that is on the earth shall perish. But I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall enter the ark...'
Genesis 6:17

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