To all those in Parliament about to vote on same-sex 'marriage': you will one day stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ...

The British Parliament will soon vote on whether or not to allow same sex so-called "marriage". Over 600,000 of us in Britain have signed a petition to keep traditional marriage, but our petition is to be disregarded.  Some 70% of voters are said to be for traditional marriage, but their views are not taken into account either.

As a last ditch measure people are being urged to write to their Member of Parliament.  Here is my letter to our Member, James Arbuthnot, who sits as a Conservative:

Dear Mr. Arbuthnot,
I am writing to encourage you to stand up for traditional marriage.  I hear that you are undecided and perhaps it is true. You must know in your heart that marriage is as the creation ordinance that God declared in Genesis 2:24: 'For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.'  
However you vote, remember:
'For we must ALL appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.' 2 Corinthians 5:10
When you stand before that judgment seat, you will be so glad you stood up for right and voted as God would wish.  On the other tragic, how terrible, what remorse and grief would fill your soul.
It may be that bad people are piling pressure on you to vote their way.  I pray that God will give you strength to stand for good now, so that you will not be ashamed when  you stand before Him.
With all my heart,
Pat Franklin
That is the letter.  Now for anyone who is trembling at the thought of that judgment seat...there is a way you can be safe, and that is through faith in Jesus Christ now.  It has to be now; it's too late when you're dead and you're standing there in horror at the things you've done and the things you've left undone.
The most important thing in this life is to put your faith and trust in Jesus and accept the sacrifice of His death on the cross for you.  That is the starting point of Christianity.  Accepting Jesus and His sacrifice for you.  I did that in 1981.  Won't you consider this?  Won't you at least read the gospels and find out for yourself what this is all about?  Or will you carry on with a short and futile life full of struggle and misery? 
Jesus today is standing at the door of your heart knocking.  Will you be obstinate and keep that door shut tight?  Or will  you gently open that door and say:  'Lord Jesus, if You are real, please come into my heart and make me one of Your people.'   Then get a Bible, read the four gospels, lay down your life before Him and let Him make something of you and your life. 
Find a church that actually believes literally in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.  They are out there.  Opening the door to Jesus is the start of the great adventure.  He will forgive your sins, wash you clean, seal you with His Holy Spirit, give you total assurance of Heaven, and give you spiritual gifts which you will be able to use now on earth. 
What on earth are you waiting for?
Note:  This article was written years ago, of course.  Same sex marriage came in.  The UK  kicked God out; there is no longer any shame for sin.  Now, writing in 2022, we have had two miserable years of  Covid, genuine fear, masks, lockdowns, vaccines, bankruptcies and now, in a brief respite of being allowed to go places without masking up, people are still not turning back to God, still not repenting, no longer even afraid.


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Isaiah 5:20.

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