After a few days on England's 'Dinosaur Island' I am more certain than ever - we shared this earth with dinos, and thank goodness they're extinct now! by Pat Franklin

We've just got back from a few days on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England - a lovely island which now calls itself 'Dinosaur Island' since some fossils and tracks were discovered there.

Do dinosaurs feature in the Bible?  Oh yes – the two fearsome creatures described in detail in the Book of Job, Chapters  40 and 41.  No one knows quite when Job was written, but scholars believe it was more than 4,000 years ago,  at a time when  people were  living much longer than now.  Job is the oldest book in the Bible, and some scholars think it may even be the first book ever written at all!  Plus, it is a literary masterpiece.

And the fact that it describes two dinosaurs in detail puts it in a class of its own.  The very full description tells me a lot.  For a start it proves that man and dinosaur were around at the same time; otherwise Job could not have known what they looked like.  Read the chapters for yourself and you will see that they are factual, accurate descriptions of enormous land and sea creatures which no longer exist. 

The Book of Job deals with a subject many people struggle with:  why do bad things happen to good people?  A lot of bad things happened to Job, and he was a very good person.  Yet he lost everything – his children, his entire wealth and then even his health. 

When three friends came to visit, they made things even worse.  They were like the hyper faith types today who tell you that if you’re sick, it’s your own fault – that you must have done something wrong, or else you don’t have enough faith to be healed.  Job’s comforters brought no comfort at all.

Job himself couldn’t understand what had happened, and he desperately wanted to know why God had allowed all the bad stuff in his life, when he knew he was a righteous man.  Why, Lord?  Why is this happening to me, Job, when You know I love You? 

After many chapters, God does speak to Job, but  He does not answer the question ‘why’.  Instead,  He points Job to creation, God’s incredible creation which shows His mighty power.

He points to the stars, and we did one lesson on that (Job 38) in Sunday School, and then God  particularly points to two types of dinosaur – a land one and a marine one which sounds like the most frightening creature ever to have lived.  Personally, I am glad that both animals are extinct!

God describes them in detail and tells Job to ‘behold’ them, to think about them and how huge and strong they were.  So they were actually here on earth when Job was alive.  Job had actually seen them sometime, perhaps many times.  He knew what they looked like and as God described them, he was well able to consider that although they were the most powerful animals on earth, God was more powerful and in fact He had created them.

Was this before or after the Flood of Noah, which was about 4,500 years ago?  We know there must have been some young dinosaur pairs taken on to the Ark, along with all the other animals.  After the Flood they were still around and they were called ‘dragons’ and sea monsters.

Outside of the Bible, there is so much  evidence for them occupying the earth along with men.  There are ancient carvings and primitive paintings, a brass engraving on a bishop’s tomb, and some mentions in ancient writings of  immense and scary creatures.  An Arizona academic has even found dino bones with red blood cells still inside flexible blood vessels! 

But the dinos gradually died out,  and because people living later had never seen a dinosaur, they  thought that stories and pictures of dragons (like the man-killer ‘Grendel’ in Beowulf) were just mythical creatures which had never existed.

Then in 1824 the first dinosaur fossil was discovered!  People were amazed!  Dragons were not mythical creatures; they were real, huge, fearsome animals.  Fossils are real.  You cannot argue with a fossil.  You would think that every scientist on earth would today bow his head and acknowledge God as the Creator.  You would think that they would attest to the truth of the Bible, thoroughly verified by these huge fossil finds.  But no.   How tragic that men will not acknowledge God even when confronted with such clear and such stupendous evidence.    

Before 1824 when people read the Book of Job and saw the descriptions of huge, terrifying creatures on land and in the sea, they couldn’t figure it out!  They thought the land monster must have been a hippo or elephant, and the sea monster must have been a crocodile.   Once dinosaur fossils were discovered, they should have connected the dots, but they didn’t, and they still don’t, despite clear evidence.

How wrong they were about the monsters described in such detail in the Book of Job , and how silly it looks now. Take, for example,  our old King James Bible,   a hard back edition which was given to every child in the county of Surrey, England, as they left secondary school in the 1960s.  It shows drawings of a hippo and a crocodile alongside Job’s chilling descriptions of monstrous animals.

They should have taken Job literally!  If something is flatly stated in the Bible as a fact, and is obviously not a poetic allusion of some sort, take it at face value.  God put these things in the Bible for our information, not to trick us.  He described real animals, dinosaurs, and they were alive when Job was on earth.  They should have commissioned drawings of dinosaurs for that Bible edition – a land dino and a monstrous sea creature.

Man and dinosaurs were on the earth together.  It is very plain, just from the book of Job. 

There is a lot more evidence that dinos and man shared the same era.  Look on the website for a ton of articles and books which tell the truth.

The largest dino may have been 30 ft tall and 190ft long, according to Wikipedia, but other sources say the largest was 80 ft tall – taller than any building in this whole area!  80ft is as high as an 8 storey building, and we don’t have anything that high in our part of southeast England.  

But modern science says that dinosaurs have not become extinct at all – they have evolved into birds.  Uh, did I hear that right?  Yep, dinos into birds.

There is ‘almost universal consensus among palaeontologists that birds are the descendants of theropod (T-Rex) dinosaurs’,   according to Wikipedia.  Oh, really?  From a ferocious T-Rex as high as my house, evolving down to the cheery  little robin in my garden?  You really want us to believe that? 

You call that science?  I call it nuttiness!

Truly, as the Bible says, ‘thinking themselves wise, they become fools.’

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