Get lost, grandma! Hospital kept the grandparents away...

Get lost, grandma!   Staff at a hospital in England have advised parents to keep the grandparents away for the first two weeks when a new baby is born. An English grandma told me that was the advice when her daughter had twin boys.  They were allowed one visit, and then were told they should stay away for two weeks ‘so the parents could bond with the babies.’  What utter rot!  What a wicked philosophy.   

This happened a few years ago, and was bounced on the family, who did not question it at the time.  With hindsight, they would have ignored the bad advice and made a fuss about the people who were dishing it out.    If any other grandparents are treated like this, my advice is to complain about the outrageous interference in family life.  Go to the governing board of the hospital and go to the press – the local paper, the TV stations, radio, whatever media you can reach.  Ask for the news editor and if he or she has a brain in working order, they will jump on this, because it is a great story.   Those of us who still have some common sense are going to have to stand up and stand against the stupidities which are being foisted on us in so many aspects of life.   

The trouble with most of us is that we don’t like making a fuss, but if we quietly accept every outrageous new bit of political correctness, we can wave goodbye to freedom. 



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