Wonders of Islam - the girl with no hands

On a vacation trip to Morocco we were approached by a small boy and his sister, a girl who looked to be about 16.  He was distressed and she was crying.  She held out her arms to us, and she had no hands. They had been chopped off at the wrist. It had been recently done, because a small piece of flesh was still hanging from one wrist.

What had the girl done to deserve such an inhuman, sadistic punishment?  Nothing she ever did could possibly have merited that terrible treatment, but the chopping off of hands and feet is done by order of sharia courts in Islamic countries.  The Koran says: 'Cut off the hands of thieves, whether they are man or woman...'  Sura (chapter) 5:38.

Even if the girl had stolen something - what does the Bible say?   'Let him that stole steal no more, but rather let him labor, WORKING WITH HIS HANDS...' Ephesians 4:28  As another Islamic girl said to me:  'There is no mercy in Islam.'

Then there is also the chopping off of heads.  According to the Caner brothers, both converts from Islam to Christianity, this terrible punishment is publically meted out every Friday in Islamic countries.   It is done in public squares, but the western media does not mention any of this when they present Islam as a 'religion of peace'. 

Is it a religion of peace?  Do we worship the same god?  Ask the girl with no hands.

I am so sorry to have to include this atrocious and disgusting piece of news on our website, but people must begin to face the facts about Islam.  It is not a peaceful religion.  We do not worship the same God.  Islam is a disgrace.  So-called 'moderate muslims' should research their own religion and come out of it.  The Koran is only the size of an ordinary paperback book and you can easily buy a copy in almost any bookshop.  Read and learn the truth for yourself.



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2 Corinthians 7:14

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