Weep for Scotland - every child is to have a 'state guardian' assigned to them until they are 18

by Pat Franklin

Weep for Scotland - every child is to have a 'state guardian' assigned to them until they are 18.  Not one member of the Scottish Parliament had the guts to vote against this last week.  Some 103 MSPs voted for it and 15 abstained, according to the BBC.

So far only the Christian Institute in Britain is fighting this.  This horrendous undermining of parental authority was phrased in a clause in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill. 

The bill includes things like more free child care, free school meals for three years, and the right of troubled youngsters to remain 'in care' until the age of 21.  More, more, more government interference, more hand-outs, more dependence on the state. 

In other words, they wrapped this up in benefits which people want.  The busybody clause is tacked on the end...a government assigned 'godmother' or 'godfather' to stick their noses into your family affairs.  And they will have power, folks.  Some of them could be homosexuals, of course.  Some could be atheists.  We've gotta be inclusive, you know!  It's the law!   And for that law, we must thank Tony Blair, for signing the Human Rights Charter of the European Union which has lumbered all of Europe with this kind of thing.

And now the Scots have spoken.  If we lived up there and still had young children, we would be hanging out a For Sale sign and planning a move south of the border. 

And you know the saddest thing?  Most people here in Britain would not agree with us at all.  They want the hand-outs; they want the government to take the responsibility they should shoulder.  And if an official busybody is part of the deal, the politicians are prepared to go along with that. 

The 'guardian' for each child is supposed to help children at risk in their own families, but there are already laws that protect children.  This law gives every child their own personal social worker who can look into your family life, see what you're teaching your kids, how you discipline them etc.   You can see what's coming a mile off.  Christian parents will be a target.  And it is their children who will be at risk once this gets going, at risk from their own government.

Like we say so often these days, when some awful news comes out...you could not make it up.  The generation which won World War II would have stomped on this so hard that whoever supported it would have been out of politics forever.  People had common sense then.  We now live in an Age of Unreason.

Here are two links about this pernicious new law.





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