Bonebeds with thousands of dino fossils - another proof of Noah's Flood! by Pat Franklin

Did you know that there are mass graves, bonebeds, in various parts of the world where thousands of dinosaurs were buried together ?   Scientists say they were ‘caught in a flood’.  Um, yeah…pretty big flood, guys!  It couldn’t be THE Flood, the Flood of Noah’s day, could it?  And this happened in a lot of places in different parts of the globe…

 Here is a link to just one article on the subject from my favourite magazine, Creation :

 And here is another link to an article about dino footprints made as they tried to flee the rising waters. 

You can get these and other up to date creation articles on Creation magazine’s Infobytes email.  I love it!  What a great ministry, one of the finest on the planet. 

And did you know that many or most dino fossils are found in what they call the ‘dead dino posture’?  Head thrown back in what looks like agony, possibly suffocating, straining for a final breath as the waters rose.  They don’t tell you this on the documentaries, folks!  I wonder why…  Anyway here is a link to an article on that:

Most sensational of all, here is a report on the red blood cells found in a T Rex fossil: 

You will find all these and many more great articles on the website . Use their internal search engine to find lots more.

 How I love Creation magazine for telling the truth.  If you don’t get it, good time to subscribe!  At least get the Infobytes, which are free emails.




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