The blood of the innocents in Gaza is on the hands of Hamas - not Israel !

America had no choice but to use the atomic bomb.  The enemy would not make peace.  Israel too has no choice.  Hamas will not stop rocketing Israeli towns. 

The media as usual portrays Israel as the bad guy, and Israel is rarely given the chance to put its side of the debate. 

The truth is that Israel is the injured party!  The little town of Sderot near the Gaza border has had rockets for years falling on it.  They have 13 seconds warning to get to the shelters.  The children in the schools must be traumatized.  When some British visitors went there, people fell on their necks with hugs and tears, so grateful that someone visited them and knew of their agony.

Yet when have you ever seen anyone from Sderot interviewed on TV?  No, they are Israeli, so that are expected to put up with anything and any rocket that comes their way - and thousands have fallen on their small town. 

The tragedy is that innocent people die.  That is Israel's agony.  They desperately want to keep those people safe.  They are the most moral, caring military in the history of the world.  They drop leaflets in the areas they intend to bomb.  They make phone calls to individuals and tell them to leave.  They do everything humanly possible to save the lives of those who just happen to have the bad fortune to live in that place.  They don't want to kill them!  But the evil men who run Gaza WANT them killed.  It is a public relations triumph for them if innocent people are killed.

Innocent people died when America dropped the atom bomb.  Innocent people are kying now.  But America did not WANT to kill innocent people.  Their deaths can be laid at the foot of the Japanese leaders who would not make peace.

Innocent people are dying now and Israel hates it!  Their blood is on the hands of Hamas, not the brave Israelis who have no choice but to go into that hell hole and try to stop the rockets coming over.


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