Weep for Britain - Couple must pay £1800 ($2,900) to each of two homosexuals for not allowing the men to share a bed in their B&B home

by Pat Franklin

Well, our headline says it all.  A man and wife who rent out Bed and Breakfast rooms in their home in England have been clobbered by the evil  laws there.

When the two homosexual men were refused admittance, they took legal action.  Now the family has to shell out nearly $3000 to each of them.  This is the second such case I know of.

In effect, this means that Christian people can no longer run Bed and Breakfast businesses or hotels.  If they do, and behave true to their principles, they are in breach of the law.

When Tony Blair was Prime Minister he signed the Charter of Human Rights.  What rights are these?  We already had human rights in Britain and America!  I remember at the time the government specifically stated that the 'rights' would not infringe any Christian principles, and people would be able to act according to their religious  beliefs and their consciences. 

They lied.

The law is now anti-Christian.



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