Washington Monument - the pagan symbol at the heart of America's capital

by Pat Franklin

A misleading email is going round about the Washington Monument – the 555 ft high pagan symbol in the nation’s capital.  The ostensibly patriotic email makes much of the fact that there are two Latin words at the top of the monument – Laus Deo, or Praise God.   Things like this set my deception radar beeping.   

 The email infers that somehow the monument is a Christian edifice, and that is completely untrue.  The Lord Jesus does not need a pagan structure harking back to blasphemous ancient Egyptian religion.  By the way, you would not want to know many details of that religion. They are disgusting, and not fit to put on our website or to discuss in mixed company. 

Remember, the obelisk is a phallic symbol, and that is central to Egyptian paganism.  There it stands, a symbolic male organ 55 stories  high, visible from the White House.  And we good little naive Americans are supposed to approve of it?  

 If I were running things in America, I would never allow an obelisk to be built on American soil. Never.

 As for the words Laus Deo (Praise God) carved at the top of the monument, praise which god?  Surely not the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, because if it was to praise Him, there would be some mention of His Son Jesus, but no, just ‘God’.   

The monument is more than likely praising the god of the Freemasons - Satan, otherwise known as the Great Architect of the Universe, who is not God at all.  The true God has a lot of wonderful titles, and He tells us in the Bible what they are.  ‘Great Architect of the Universe’ is not one of them.     

 The height of the obelisk is said in the email to be 555 ft.  They don’t mention the number in inches in the email, only the number in feet, and 555 ft high sounds pretty innocuous.  But multiply 555 by 12 inches to the foot, and the obelisk is 6660 inches high.  Other websites claim the true height is 555.5 ft, which, multiplied by 12 inches, would make the structure 6666 inches high. 

Either way, 666 is the number of Satan, according to the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13.  At some stage Satan’s man, the Antichrist, is going to require everyone on earth to take his name or number on their right hand or forehead.   

Question – why would anyone want to build a useless structure to that precise height?   

The base of the obelisk is 55.5 ft. on each side, according to some websites.  Multipled by 12 inches, we again get that horrible number, 666, the number of Satan. 

Another thing about the Washington Monument Laus Deo email which really irritated me was a remark at the end implying that if I did not forward it to others, it was a failure on my part.  No way.  If you get the email, do not forward it to anyone, unless to pick it apart and tell the truth about the monument.



Does this make me an unpatriotic person because I loathe the Washington Monument?  No, it makes me a thinking person.  The Lord Jesus told us the last days would be marked by deception.  He commanded His followers: ‘Take heed that no man deceive you!’  Well, start taking heed!  Use the brain God gave you.   


The designer of the monument was a French American, Pierre l’Enfant, and Freemasons say he was not one of them, but of course they may be lying.   He was hired to lay out the street design of Washington D.C., in which many have seen satanic Freemason symbols.    


Unfortunately, Freemasons were involved from the early days of my country.  As with every generation, there is a battle between darkness and light, and people get confused when the darkness disguises itself as light.  Obviously, George Washington was a tremendous general, and what a debt we all owe him.  But how I wish he had not been a Freemason!   If you go to George Washington’s house, as I did, you will be shown his Freemason equipment.  I was very sorry to see it, very disappointed and, yes, disillusioned.  It may be that he joined as a young man and then had little or nothing to do with masonry. I hope so, but I wish with all my heart he had renounced it publicly.  

By the way, at his Mt Vernon home you will also see the remains of the slave quarters of his many slaves.  He was just a man.  You don’t have to worship him.  You don’t even have to like him.  You can still be a good American patriot, loving your country and loving the Lord Jesus – you do not have to worship the Founding Fathers, with their feet of clay!   We worship the Lord Jesus, not men, and certainly not any pagan monument!


Although Freemasonry was in at the very beginning of our nation, they never teach about it in our history classes, so that anyone who finds out about it looks like a nut case.  But there is such a thing as loyalty to our Lord Jesus, and He is the way, the truth and the life.  The builders of the obelisk would be strangers to Him.   


Personally, I dislike most monuments, and, since the Laus Deo email caused me to focus on it, I especially dislike the Washington Monument.  People are just people - even if they become president - and it’s not a good idea to raise up some great structure in praise of them.  I love what Chuck Smith (founder of the first Calvary Chapel) said in one teaching: ‘When I’m dead, some idiot will want to build a Chuck Smith monument – don’t do it!’ 

I can just imagine one of our readers say in disgust:  ‘Next she’ll be attacking the Statue of Liberty!’  OK, that could be another article, if I have time.  After all, there is a good reason that the Lord gave us the Second Commandment (no statues!).  (Please look it up, Exodus Chapter 20 – it is even in the Catholic Jerusalem Bible, although they never teach it in their schools; they like their statues too much.).


Getting back to the Laus Deo email and the pagan Washington Monument, there are lots of websites which delve into the layout of the city of Washington and the Freemason symbols on the dollar bill etc. Here is one.




I’d better stop while I’m ahead.  You can delete the Laus Deo email if you get it, but always Laus Verite Deo – praise the true God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ ! 


Hope you readers out there are not mad at me, but the truth is the truth, and we are about at the end of the end times.   The Lord Jesus is coming back and all our proud structures are going, the Washington Monument among them.  The King of Kings is going to wipe this earth clean like a dish. 

Here’s a thought.  Instead of forwarding the Laus Deo email, you can copy this and send it round directing your friends to our website www.thefreepressonline.co.uk


Postscript !  It is now Dec 22, 2012 and I have just re-read my article, above.  Since then I have learned more, including things about George Washington, whom I now admire very much and I thank the Lord for raising up a man of such calibre to fight for the freedom I now have.


As for his slaves, three times he tried to set them free.  Three times they begged him to keep them.  As for the Freemasonry, apparently it was something he joined in his youth, but never bothered with in maturity. 


I attended Catholic schools, and we were taught very little if anything about the Founding Fathers.  I now suspect this was because they were Protestants, not Catholics, and revered the Bible, which the Catholic Church has always side-lined (to put it mildly).  Hence my ignorance of American history even after many years of education. 


I am learning things now, no thanks to the Catholic Church, which I should have been taught as a child. 


There is a great patriot-pastor you may not have heard of.  Pastor Dan Fisher, of Trinity Baptist Church, Yukon, Oklahoma.  He gave a talk on the pastor patriots of the American Revolution at a conference we attended, and it was rivetting.  Please can someone get him on national television so more people can learn the truth about our history?


Pastor Dan says: 'We desperately need a modern generation of preachers like Muhlenberg, Caldwell, and Clark – preachers who’ll fight.  We need a new “black robed regiment” to boldly lead our citizens to defend our biblically based Constitution. Thankfully, the fight right now is not one of bullets and bombs but is one of words and wills.  But make no mistake about it; a war is raging for the heart and soul of America.

'Jesus said that we must “render to God the things that are God’s and render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”  In America, Caesar is “we the people.”  America’s government is not in D.C. or in state capitols; it is in our homes and our churches.  We are the government.  We cannot obey Jesus by staying uninvolved.  We must enter the fight for liberty and truth or our freedom to speak and worship as we see fit may soon be lost forever.

'Like John Muhlenberg in 1776, I believe “There is a time to preach and a time to pray.  But there is also a time to fight, and that time has now come!”  God give us patriot preachers to lead the way.'

Watch Pastor Dan on:


More links:

biog  http://www.danfisherforstatehouse.com/about/

pulpit freedom day http://abcnews.go.com/US/pulpit-freedom-sunday-challenges-government/story?id=11731772






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