Church buildings are closing, mosques opening and many young Brits turning to Islam and other false faiths. I’m neither surprised nor worried - these are the End Times! By Alan Franklin.

Church buildings  are closing, mosques opening and many young Brits turning to Islam and other false faiths. I’m neither surprised nor worried- these are the End Times! By Alan Franklin. Many native born British people are converting to Islam and there are now 2.4 million Islamics in Britain according to The Times newspaper, although this is likely an under-estimate as many illegal immigrants are also Muslims. The population of Great Britain is 61,838,154 as of 2009, (Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators). The sad thing is that, faced with limp wristed leadership from the so-called “Church of England,” led as it is by a Druid, young people are turning not just to Islam, but to many other false faiths and cults, as we detail in our book, Cults and Isms: True or False? – available from our website. For example, Adventists, who are cultists despite perceptions that they are just another type of evangelical Christianity, are baptizing 3,000 a day round the world. What is going wrong? Easy. The church, in the west at least, has forgotten what it believes and is no longer teaching the whole story from the word of God. I know this, having spent several days “contending earnestly for the faith” on a Daily Telegraph discussion board, sparked by some nonsense about Mithras. It gave me a good opportunity to present the truth. It also showed the staggering depths of the ignorance among the public. No wonder people are easily fooled. No wonder any old belief will do as long as its leaders speak with authority. People are looking for leaders. Unfortunately they are looking in the wrong places. It’s time to wise up, folks. We are required to be able to give a good account of our faith. If you were accused of Christianity, would there be enough evidence to get a conviction?

The study that sparked my thoughts is from The Centre for Migration Policy Research at Swansea University and shows that thousands of Britons, a majority of them women, are converting to Islam
every year.

The research suggests that the numbers converting to the religion
has doubled by 2010 from the 60,669 converts in 2001. The average
age of the Muslim converts is 27.5...

A detailed study by Swansea University for inter-faith think-tank
Faith Matters suggests that despite the obvious contradictions of Islam – like constantly waging war while proclaiming itself a religion of peace- many British people are being duped into accepting this false faith (see our Table of Truth, top left, and print it out for full details.)

Kevin Brice, the director of the study, says that 56% of converts
to Islam were white British, with 62% being female.

The Daily Mail says that more than 25% of the British Muslims
visit a mosque at least once a week.

By contrast, Paul Richardson, Assistant Bishop of Newcastle,
maintains that fewer than 1% of the 18 million “Christians” who belong
to the Church of England attend Sunday services. "At this rate," the
Bishop speculates, "it is hard to see the church surviving for more
than 30 years though few of its leaders are prepared to face that possibility. This doesn’t surprise me, as nearly all the so-called Anglicans are purely nominal, having been baptized as babies, and most of those who go along for the average quick bless-up on Sunday mornings (you get such a nice cup of tea) couldn’t answer the most basic questions about what they believe.

"If decline continues," the Bishop adds, "Christian Research has
estimated that church closures will accelerate from their present
rate of 30 a year to 200 a year as dwindling congregations make
the cost of keeping them open too great." Well, at least there won’t be so many mausoleums masquerading as places of worship to the Living God!

While 30 Anglican parishes close every year, seventy new mosques
sprout up throughout the United Kingdom.
 Nevertheless, Islam will not be taking over the world. Its time is short. Fur further articles on this subject, put key words into our search engine, top right.

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