Glug, glug, glug …. It’s the sound of Britain and America going down the plughole. Why is this happening? God tells us straight out in His Bible…

 As our countries teeter on the edge of bankruptcy and financial collapse, did you ever wonder how this mess all got started?  The Bible sets it out very clearly in the Book of Romans, chapter one.

 Romans chapter one describes a spiral, a downward spiral, which starts with a specific sin – the sin of rejecting God as Creator, denying that He created this universe and denying that this earth is His because He made it. 

 Romans 1 tells us, verses 18-32.  Here is the gist of what it says:  

The anger of God is coming on us because even though we cannot see God, we are well able to know Him through His creation.  We are well able to understand His eternal power and Godhead just by looking around us at what He has made.  We are without excuse.  We have completely failed to give God the glory for Who He is and what He has made and done.  We are completely ungrateful, unthankful. 

 Instead of humbly thanking Him and giving Him the glory He deserves, we imagine vain things.  Our foolish hearts are darkened.  Professing ourselves to be wise, we become fools.

 God’s response is to step back, and just allow us to carry on and go our own way, believing the things we imagine, the philosophies we invent - in this case the unproven, unscientific philosophy of evolution.  We would rather believe in evolution, which is scientifically impossible*, than in God, who created everything and can be known through His creation.

 So God ‘gives us up’.  He lets us go.  Oh dear friends, that is a terrible state to be in, and that is where we are now as a culture.  God is giving up on us.  We have had so many chances, but most people choose to ignore every chance and reject God.

 He gives us up ‘to uncleanness’ – to do the sinful things that God hates.  He gives us up to ‘vile affections’ – particularly homosexual activities.

 He gives us up to ‘a reprobate mind’. 

 And what is the fate of the individuals involved?  ‘They ‘receive in themselves that recompence of their error…’  They get what they deserve.  Disease, early death, eternity in hell.

 That is the end of the downward spiral, for individuals, and destruction for nations which go along with depravity. 

 Glug, glug.  Down the plughole.  That is where we are headed; we are nearly there, being sucked down.

 It is probably too late for our western nations to turn around now.  God has probably given up on them, as they go ever deeper into rebellion against Him, kicking Him out of schools, courtrooms, all public life.  But individuals can still repent and be saved! 

 If any of this applies to you, please know that you can turn around.  You can ask the Lord Jesus to forgive your sins and cleanse you.  1 John 1:7 says that the blood of Christ, God’s Son, cleanses us from ALL sin, so that includes even homosexual sin.

 You can be forgiven and you can be washed clean.  Jesus is your one and only hope.

Won’t you kneel to Him today and beg Him to forgive you and wash you clean and give you a new life? 

* The Law of Biogenesis completely refutes evolution:  Life cannot come from non-living material.  So life could NOT have arisen from any mythical ‘big bang’ of gas and dust.


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Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. (This refers to the coming one world church.)
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