Islam is targetting 6th graders on field trips to mosques

The Lord Jesus came to save us.  Islam aims to enslave us.  See how  children were targeted  on a ‘cultural field trip’ to a mosque, with some 6th grade boys even joining in prayers to the false god Allah, bowing down on the floor. Please try to get this information out to your senators and representatives.   


One mother filmed what went on inside the mosque on the field trip, and it is now on a Fox News link, below: 

 See for yourselves the blatant lies that were told,  how the boys and girls were separated, with some of the boys joining in the muslim prayers along with the men of the mosque. 

 There is a further link, below, describing the conversation when a concerned parent called Rush Limbaugh’s radio talk show after his 6th grader’s school gave only two days’ notice of a mosque field trip – not enough time to organise any opposition.  Most field trips are known of weeks in advance. The link for this one is 


If these links will not work, go to Google and type in something like 'field trip to mosque'.


Wake up, America!  


If you live in the UK, please forward these links to your Member of Parliament or MEP - Member of the European Parliament.  And if you live in any other country, forward to your political leaders.  They must be made aware of the tactics being used by Islamics. 

Also, please click on our Table of Truth: Islam versus the Bible, which is on our home page just above the 'Alan and Pat's Journal'.  It will give you a quick guide to what the Koran teaches, comparing major differences with what the Bible says, and highlighting some of the more horrendous teachings in the Koran, like:  'If your wives are high-minded, when you go to bed - hit them!'  We also have included a few of the ridiculous things in the Haddith, like the proper way of spitting when in a mosque ( wipe it up with whatever you are wearing).   You can print the Table of Truth out and freely distribute it while there is still the freedom to do so.  Send it to your pastor, political leaders etc.  People must know the truth! The truth is what sets us free!


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