Parents, it's time for a school gate revolution! by Pat Franklin

On Sunday a grandfather at our church in England stood up at the end of the morning service and told how two of his grandchildren, aged 17 and 13, had come home from school distressed by the explicit sex lessons they had to attend. Similar lessons are being proposed for children as young as five years old.  

He said teachers were obligated to teach the lessons, and were afraid to object because they might lose their jobs and pension rights. 

He added that parents at those schools had been told they would be alerted to the content of sex ed lessons, but they were not.  ‘The schools lied,’ he said.  ‘Parents were not told what their kids were being taught about sex.’ 

He urged parents to demand to know the specific content of what was in the lessons – and not be satisfied with a vague description. 

Folks, it is time for a school gate revolution!  Parents need to find out exactly what is being taught in the schools, possibly by sitting in on the classes themselves.  And if it is not acceptable, we need to demand changes in the law and in the schools.

When our daughter was a young teen, the school sent a note home about a sex ed class that was planned, and I went in to see what the content would be. I was given the lesson plan, which was mostly about AIDS.  I could see no reason why a young Christian girl should know specific things about that revolting disease, and I filled in a form for her to be kept out of the class.  She was happy to have that time to do her homework, and  other girls came out of the class and told her:  ‘You’re lucky. I wish my mother had done that.’    


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