No wonder we have an unsatisfactory government and bad judges in America - the ballot paper has 19 judges on it and I have never heard of any of them. Even Republican HQ cannot be bothered to help me. by Pat Franklin

Election time.  I am struggling to fill out my ballot paper.   Now I know one reason America has  many bad judges.

As well as the sections where you vote for president, senator, representative and governor, there are 19 separate judges listed.  There is no indication of their politics.  I have never heard of any of them, and I don't want to vote for any bad judges. the internet.  I found one site which advised on four of the names, but 15 are still a mystery to me, and I can find no site which will quickly tell me if they are pro life or pro abortion (the litmus test).  I will have to look up every one individually, which will take time and even then I might not find the truth.

I called the local Republican Party HQ, but they didn't know either!!!  They were only interested in the main candidates, not 19 judges with immense power who will sit in judgement on lots of people. 

I found out enough to vote NO for four of the 19. They are:  vote NO for George Draper, Gary Gaertner, Sherri Sullivan and Lawrence Mooney.  For the remaining 15 I also voted NO, on the advice of a family network website which was also upset about this.  It is a protest vote.  If by chance there is a good judge in there somewhere, sorry!  They were most probably all pro abortion anti-Christian liberals, so there we are. 

No wonder America is in such a terrible state.

By the way, I still have a blank for president.  I just have not been able to bring myself to fill in the space for Romney, even though he is the only hope to get rid of Obama.  I will make myself vote for Romney, but I don't like it and I am sick at heart that the Republican Party would field a Mormon and a Catholic when there are so many strong Christian men here who would make excellent leaders of this once-great nation.

I am also upset that I have been tricked into voting wrong on one issue - Constitutional Amendment No. 3, which is deliberately worded to make it sound bad s that conservative voters will fill in the NO space, which I stupidly did.  It should be YES, if anyone out there is trying to decide.  If you are conservative and a Christian, vote Yes on that one.  If you change anything once you have filled in each item, the entire ballot is cancelled and thrown out and you have lost your vote.

Some time later:   yes, now I have bitten the bullet and voted for Romney.  Obama, you have been outed today (see story on main part of website).  Now get out!


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