Time to start judging! Gird up the loins of your mind!

So often Christians are told  to 'Be more tolerant' and ‘Don’t judge, lest you be judged.’  But in fact there are five Greek words for ‘judging’ and the Bible COMMANDS us to do three kinds of judging.

Here is a quick rundown on judging.  The Greek root word is krino, and krites is Greek for a judge or magistrate.  The five kinds of judging are:

Ana-krino – to discern (we are commanded to do this in 1 Cor 2:15,16 and also 1 Cor 14:29

Dia-krino – to decide on a matter (we are commanded to do this in 1 Cor 6:5)

Kritikos – to examine critically, analyze, think for yourself, weigh things up.  In other words, God expects us to use the brains He gave us, or, as Peter put it: Gird up the loins of your mind!

Hypo-krites – hypocritical judging.  This we are forbidden to do.  If you are doing something wrong, and then start criticizing someone else for doing that same thing, watch out!  You will certainly be judged.  The Lord will see to it!

Krisis, krina – eternal judgement, heaven or hell.  This ultimate judging is for Christ alone.  He has the keys of hell, and He alone decides who goes there.  Not for us.

 So, please, write these five words in the front of your Bible, and next time someone tries to shut you up, and tell you not to be so judgemental, tell them the five words and that you are in fact obeying the Lord Jesus by being discerning and using the brain He gave you.

This is all in our book, ‘Cults and Isms: True or False’ (page 190), among many other things.  We first heard this wonderful teaching on judging from Jacob Prasch, and you will also find it on his website, moriel.org  


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