'Christian money going to help Orthodox Jews, while struggling Jewish churches in Israel get little or nothing' claim - by Pat Franklin

Christians often want to support or bless Israel, as the Bible tells us to do.  But a Jewish Christian in Israel tells me that much of the money sent by American and British Christians goes to the Orthodox Jews, who deny Jesus as Messiah and Son of God.

Meanwhile many of the Jewish Christians in Israel are struggling.  Unpopular because of their stand for Jesus, they sometimes face persecution, lose their jobs etc.

One Israeli family we know of is targeted by extreme Orthodox Jews, who stand outside their home shouting curses and peering in their windows.  The police do not stop this.  Other Jewish Christians we met have had their pictures put up on public posters by the Orthodox, with signs denouncing them.

Our only contact with the Orthodox in their black overcoats and black hats has been to ignore their begging cups being rattled at us by the Wailing Wall.   

If anyone is looking for a good cause to sponsor in Israel, our son-in-law Michael Nissim lists some on his links on his website www.israelunique.com and he himself helps to lead a small church called Light of the Galilee in northern Israel.




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