Our friend was giving a man directions in the street when she looked closely at him and said: ‘Jesus loves you.’ The man looked sad and replied: ‘No, Jesus doesn’t love me; I’m gay.’ 'You're wrong,' she said...(click to read on)

 Our friend was giving a man directions in the street  when she looked closely at him and said: ‘Jesus loves you.’  The man looked sad and replied: ‘No, Jesus doesn’t love me; I’m gay.’

‘You are wrong,’ she said.  ‘Jesus died for sinners.  We all sin.  We all have secret, hidden sins, and sins that are out in the open.  Jesus hates our sins, but He loves us and He died so our sins can be forgiven.’

 Our friend related this incident to the church we belong to in England.  Then another church member got up and said the homosexual lifestyle was anything but 'gay'.  He told of reformed homosexuals he knew who had come to faith in Christ and found a new life free of sexual sin.  They told him of the deep unhappiness and misery at the heart  of homosexuality. 

Boys recruited* into that lifestyle are not warned of the terrible infections and diseases that come with it, and the early death.  One doctor has pointed out that the least they can expect is to be incontinent by their forties. 

It IS possible to come out of homosexuality.  Christ died for sinners, which includes everybody.   The apostle Paul said that there were reformed homosexuals in the Corinthian church.  Those reformed homosexuals  had found a new life in Christ, a life which would lead to eternity in Heaven.  They were on the narrow way that led to God, not the broad way that led to eternal misery and pain in Hell.  They had made the correct decision and put their trust in Jesus, repented of their sins and turned a corner in their lives, leaving that sinful lifestyle.

*Recruiting:  The recruiting of a new generation of homosexuals is going on at universities, with new students invited to groups which question their sexuality and present alternatives.  We have seen this firsthand.  When our daughter started at Cambridge, one of England’s foremost universities, we went to help her move into her room, and there was an invitation to one of these groups pinned to her door, and every other door.  We were the first family to arrive, and she went down the hall tearing the invitations all off and throwing them out.  It was the first invitation she had there.

An American class studying literature came for a year there.  No doubt their parents had scrimped and saved to send them, thinking they were giving their children a great opportunity.  The American students were all invited to an ‘alternative lifestyle’ group.  The students were shocked by this, as they were coming from a Christian college in the Midwest, but one of the young men went.  He came away confused about his sexuality. 


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