Shock, horror! We are two journalists who love to write the truth.

ALAN writes: Pat and I are in the happy position of being able to say and write what we believe to be the truth. A rare and wonderful thing for lifelong journalists. When you work for big media you are usually only able to write a portion of the truth. 

For decades I freelanced for all the main British newspapers, TV, radio stations and news agencies, full time for about seven years. (The rest of the time I also had full time jobs  mainly as an editor or chief reporter). When you sell stories you tailor them to what the media wants to buy: they have to fit their style or agenda. The same story can have its angle adjusted to fit in with different papers’ policies. That’s how you make a living.

In 2005 Pat and I were liberated when we struck out on our own, starting this web-site in 2006. We don’t make any money, of course: our “pay” is the deep satisfaction gained from getting the truth out.One policy I have continued from my 21 years as an editor is that I seldom immediately accept anything I am told. Hard to believe, but even I make mistakes (!).

Speaking at the week-end I announced that polar bears live in Antarctica. I know they don’t – it’s the Arctic. But that’s not what I said. So beware of all speakers- they don’t always get it right. Writers don’t always “write it right.”

Beware in particular of everything sent round the web, especially items headed “must read.” I get those every day and do not feel obliged to read them.

Check things: stories are occasionally accurate but more often are fiction or half truths. Christians should not only “contend earnestly for the faith” but we should also strive earnestly to circulate only the truth.


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