Islam hides behind 'religion' but is in fact a military system aiming at total domination

Islam hides behind 'religion' but is in fact a military system aiming at total domination.

My beloved country of America is bowing down before Islam, because Americans are inexcusably ignorant.  Islam claims to be a religion, but it is far more than that.  It is a military system which has the goal of total world domination, the absolute submission of every other nation, people, system, philosophy, everything- to Islam.

In our book 'Cults and Isms - True or False' we include a chapter on Islam.  Our leaders tell us that we all worship the same god, but that is a lie.  Islam says: Jesus is not God; God has no son (The Koran, Sura, which means chapter  4:171 ); Jesus was not crucified and did not die (Koran, Sura 4:157). (The book is available on the webshop on this site for those who want to be informed as we move fast into the last of the last days. We also have a number of informative dvds.)

The Koran teaches that there is no assurance of heaven unless you die fighting (Koran, Sura 4:74), and that god will punish you severely if you do not go out and fight (Koran, Sura 9:39).

Islamics are urged to kill non-Islamics: '...fight the disbelievers (Sura 9:123); 'kill them wherever you encounter them' (Sura 2 190-193).

People, please wake up and find out what Islam really teaches.  It is NOT a peaceful religion, but a religion of hatred and war.  It encourages terrorism and rewards murderers.

Muslims, please examine your beliefs!  Your prophet, Mohammed, was an illiterate camel driver of caravans in the 7th century. He could not read or write. He got his religion from a being he encountered in a cave.  He was terrified of that being, and called it a jinn, a demon.  But his wife convinced him that it was an angel from God. 

Mohammed was right first time. It was a demon, not a good angel. The information it gave him was from Satan, not from God.  Look at what it has done to the Arab countries, the poverty and ignorance, the lack of freedom, the domination by cruel men claiming to be religious leaders. Please! Think!  What is the fruit of Islam?  The fruit is bad, rotten. 

Look at the fruit of Christianity, at the freedom and prosperity it has brought to the West.  Don't envy us - join us!  Look into the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Read the New Testament.  You have a brain - use it!   Be critical; examine the evidence.  The Lord Jesus said that a bad tree could not produce good fruit.  Your religion of Islam is like a bad tree. It produces bad things in your own countries, and now is trying to infect the West. 

The best teaching we have heard on Islam is by historian Bill Federer. Please Google him up and watch the youtube presentation.  Get Bill's books and DVDs etc. 

And please, when you have got clued up a bit, challenge those ignorant politicians and media people who extend our great blessings of freedom to those who aim to destroy that freedom, while hiding in a cloak of 'religion'. 


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