Are you getting The Berean Call newsletter? It will open your eyes! by Pat Franklin

We meet so many genuine Christians who are perplexed about things that are wrong in their churches, or who are following money-grabbing scoundrels.  We always try to open their eyes as best we can, and I usually urge them to get The Berean Call, the wonderful newsletter originally put out by Dave Hunt, now in Glory, and Tom McMahon.

As a new Christian in the 1980s, having left the Catholic Church and got into an offbeam church, my sister gave me a tape by Dave Hunt. Wow.  I nearly wore that tape out, especially the ending where I couldn't quite hear the address to write to so that I could get the monthly newsletter.

Eventually I found out the address in Bend, Oregon, sent away, and started receiving the best piece of mail I could have wished for.  That newsletter was the highlight of the month.  It still is!  Full of Scripture truth, cogently written, courageously exposing the many errors and heresies in the churches today, and, oh boy, naming names - removing the mask from the religious rascals who exploit gullible Christians.  Now that takes courage! 

Tom is writing current commentaries, and it was fascinating to find out about his conversion and how the Lord led him to become the late Dave's partner.  They are re-printing some of Dave's articles, and this month Part II of his 'End Time Apostasy' series was an eye opener, revealing things I seem to have missed. 

Also, they are upset about the same things I am upset about.  In the TBC Newswatch section there is an article about a real hate crime which horrified me. It was in St Louis, my hometown, and  went virtually unreported in the media.  

I put a piece on our main news list  about it - the muslim attack on a man who left Islam to become a Christian and who had the temerity to express his love for the Jewish people.  In broad daylight muslims boxed his car in, ambushed him, held him down while they carved a star of David on his back.  And this went almost unreported!  Not by us and not by The Berean Call. 

This month Berean Call notes the case of the Iranian pastor under threat of execution for his stand for Christ.  Where is the outrage in the media? 

Dear friends, you really need to start getting this newsletter. Here is the link to their website: 




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Acts of the Apostles 17:16

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