A farmer's wife brought a lamb to church on Sunday ...

by Pat Franklin

A farmer's wife brought a lamb to church on Sunday ...

Needless to say, the kids loved it!  She talked to them about the Good Shepherd and told them that sheep were always apt to wander.

The problem is - they can't find the way back!  I was like that, a lost sheep.  In Luke's gospel chapter 15 the Lord Jesus says that a shepherd will leave 99 sheep to look for one that is lost, and when he finds it, he and his friends rejoice over it. 

And the same thing happens in Heaven! Jesus said:  'There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous persons who need no repentance.' Luke 15:7 

Dear friend, are you one of those lost sheep?  I know what it feels like to be a lost sheep.  It is not fun.  The Lord Jesus would love to carry you back, to be your Good Shepherd, if you are willing to acknowledge Him.

Here is a good prayer:  Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God, the Good Shepherd who died for His sheep.  Lord, I am a sinner.  I have done, said, thought, bad things.  I have left good things undone.  Please forgive me (confess to Him your specific sins as they come to mind, and they will).  Please make me one of Your sheep, Lord Jesus.  Please be my Shepherd.


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Matthew 11:28

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