Today marijuana is legally on sale in Colorado - but here is a true story of how marijuana killed a teenager in England - by Pat Franklin

A grieving grandmother in England told me how her teenage grandson was killed by marijuana.

She did not want to be named, but told me her 16-year-old grandson was spending the night in a dormitory of one of the famous colleges.  The guys in the dorm were older than he was, and they were smoking marijuana.  They gave some to him, and he also 'got high'.

It affected him very badly.  At some stage, he ran out of the building, went to the railway station, and threw himself under a train.

The grandma was devastated, and no doubt the rest of the family as well.  A young life destroyed by drugs.

I put this true story on our website because today Colorado is legally selling marijuana.  Be warned, folks!  Be wise. 



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