Our Polish friend is practically grinding his teeth in frustration- soon the Roman Catholic priest will visit his blind father, expecting a big Christmas donation from him

This is the true face of Roman Catholicism.  Our Polish friend told us what happens at Christmas in Poland. His parents are poor.  His father was blinded in a mine accident, but still works mixing cement on building sites, for low wages.  He manages to save a little bit, but is expected to give a sizeable chunk of money to the local priest at Christmas.

Every year the priest, Father XXXX*, pays a house call.  He comes to 'bless' the people and the house.  What blessing is this?  He sprinkles water around.  'Holy' water.**  Then he holds his hand out.  Our friend's father is expected to give a minimum of £25 (about $40), a large sum which takes a long time to save up in Poland. 

This, folks, is religious extortion.  It is what the Bible calls 'making merchandise' of people.  The phony Christians are very good at making merchandise of people. 

If the priest was a real Christian, a true follower of Jesus Christ, he would really bless them by giving THEM some money, not taking from them. 

And what sort of life does this priest lead?  He lives in a free house; all his meals are cooked for him; all his needs are taken care of.  What does he drive?  A new Mercedes!  Our friend once asked him:  why do you drive a new car?  'Because that is all I have to spend money on. The church provides a house and everything else, and I have to spend my money on something, so I get a new car.' 

The church has an iron grip in Poland, but individuals can be set free.  There are many Poles in England now.  They can come here because the borders are down all across the European Union.  They can come, they can work, and they are very hard workers.  We like them very much.  But every one we have spoken with is disgusted by the Catholic Church.  Yet they do not know the Bible and the scriptures which would set them free.

* 'Father'.  All Catholic priests are addressed as 'father'.  This is in direct disobedience to Jesus, who said: "Call no man 'father'."  Matthew 22

** 'Holy water' - there is no such thing.  Catholic priests say a few words over water and it is then supposed to be somehow holy, and to be used to sprinkling people and things.  Rubbish!  Jesus did no such thing.  The apostles did no such thing.  The Catholic Church just made it up! 

Please read our Table of Truth: the Catholic Church versus the Bible.  You will find it on our home page, top left column.  Please print it out, copy it, give it to any Catholic who might read it.  This Table of Truth is actually a chapter in our book 'Cults and Isms:  True or False?'  There are other Tables of Truth in the book on other false faiths, unmasking their roots and core beliefs.  Often the people caught up in cults do not even know about the insidious roots of their own religion and the often ridiculous things the founders of those religions did and taught.  The sole reason we operate this website and wrote the books is to inform people of the things we have found out.  We wish everyone on earth had this information, this knowledge of what is true and what is not.  The Bible says 'My people perish for lack of knowledge.'  Please print out some of our articles if you know anyone who would consider these things.  Unfortunately, most people are not interested.


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