Get yourself clued up! by Pat Franklin

That time of year is almost upon us when Jesus was probably not born.  Anyway, no doubt there are presents to be bought.   So when someone asks you what you would like, why not take the opportunity to establish the foundation of a Christian library.  There are three books which every home should have.  They are easy to read and will open your eyes to so much.  They contain the information you need to know to defend the Christian faith and they will encourage you no end in your faith.  Why not bless others with one or more of these?

The three are:

1 William Macdonald's Believer's Bible Commentary.  This covers the whole Bible, all in one large volume.  It is just brilliant - so simple and so profound. It will answer so many questions you might have. It has helped me so much.  I love it and if I get to meet Mr Macdonald in Heaven, I want to thank him profusely for writing it.

2 Halley's Bible Handbook.  Ditto for Mr Halley.  This contains not only Bible exposition, but also important archeology relating to and proving Bible truth.  It covers church history, and does not flinch from laying bare the truth about the Catholic Popes and their prolonged attempts to murder every Christian in Europe who would not bow the knee to them.  It exposes the errors of the Roman Catholic Church, and calls it an 'Italian institution'. 

As a 'cradle Catholic' in Midwest America, educated at Catholic schools, I had no idea of all this. It was hidden history in the Catholic schools.  They told us our wonderful country of America was settled partly by people fleeing religious persecution in Europe.  They failed to mention that the Catholic Church was the No. 1 persecutor of Christians in history.  Of course the Church of England, supposedly Christian, also jumped on that bandwagon and persecuted as many Christians as it possibly could.  Both evil institutions now wear a smiling face, but the history is there, and they are now on the verge of uniting once again.  Persecution is coming once again.  

My copy of Halley is the 1965 reprint by Zondervan,  which was taken over in 1988 and modern versions may be different. I would look for the oldest version secondhand.

3. Fox's Book of Martyrs by John Fox. This is a history of the lives, terrible sufferings and deaths of the early Christian and Prostestant martyrs, first under Rome and then under the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England.  What an antidote to the hyper charismatic  'name it and claim it' prosperity preachers of today.  

This book was chained to every pulpit in England during the Reformation, so people could go in and read the truth for themselves.  Now, you will probably not even find it in a Christian bookshop.  I had to order a copy.


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